Senior Product Leader

Luis Espinal

Luis Espinal - Product Manager presenting

Hello There

I’m a senior product leader with lean process background that helps bridge the gap between good user experience and business profit by creating, nurturing and challenging winning teams in a straightforward and transparent way.

What motivates me?

Tough problems of any sort get me up in the morning. In the afternoon, you will find me helping my team or other teams grow. By the evening, you will find me sharing family time and playing with my kids.

I also share a sweet-spot for Education, Edtech, B2E and B2B space startups that are ready to scale.

Me, now…

I’m currently Senior Product Owner, API for Telus Digital.

At the same time, I give back to the community via The SurreyCodes Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps educate new developers in British Columbia


Go by Jasperactive | Product Development Manager


A new era for Digital Literacy

Go by Jasperactive helps Instructor teach Digital Literacy in the workforce development space.

Led a Remote Team

1 Product Owner
1 Product Designer
5 Software Developers

Vision set

Product Discovery

Go-To-Market Strategy

Product Strategy

Feature Discovery

Product Discovery

Build-Buy-Partner Decisions

Product Strategy


Live in application learning

Jasperactive for Microsoft Office focuses on the critical thinking and application of learning Microsoft Office Suite of applications.


  • Launched eight new products within the platform
  • Expanded to new markets with translations / localization
  • Released Save and Continue feature
  • Improved delivery cycle along with team
  • Implemented DevOps and Agile 6 weeks cycle
My ColdLogic app | Product Manager (Contract)

Employee Engagement Portal

My ColdLogic was conceptualized from the need to reduce employee turnover and streamline archaic process such as paperwork to request an improvement within the company.

From concept to launch

Drove the app concept gathering feedback early on.
Led a team of 1 Product Designer, 3 Software Developers.

Product Discovery

User Interviews

Rapid Prototyping

Product Deployment

What other say about Me (From LinkedIn)

Luis possesses strong leadership, organization, and problem-solving skills which are further enhanced by his technical expertise and enthusiasm for learning. I was impressed with his management approach and his ability to quickly rally different teams and departments.
Kim Williams
Former Director of Courseware CCI Learning
Luis is immeasurably intelligent and strategic - two mandatory traits for a successful Product Manager. He established processes and systems that allow our team to properly report product issues. We are more orderly, more efficient.
Keith German
Client Relations Manager at Jasperactive
I had the great pleasure of learning about Product Management from Luis, an outstanding mentor and an experienced product leader. Luis' mentorship style brings out the diamonds in the rough so to speak.
Xavier Toledo
Business Analyst (Future Product Manager)
Luis is a guy who is never satisfied with "good enough." He's constantly pushing for excellence, with a special focus on waste reduction and identifying opportunities for improvement.
Craig Cochran
Project Manager at Georgia Tech


Product Strategy

I base prioritization and make sure we are working on the right things based on metrics that define success.

All outcomes are tied to one or more business goals.

Logos for: Github, Gitlab, redux, reactjs, digital ocean, excel

Technical Expertise

Not afraid to look for that 200ok on Postman. 

I’ve set a devops pipeline with test cases and created staging environments in the past. I can speak layering with developers any day, in fact, I enjoy it.

Product North Star

Because there’s no better way to rally troops than to give them a common cause to fight for.

I focus heavily on being an advocate for the problem we are solving and where we are heading.

Logos for: JIRA, Google Hangouts, Slack, Discord, Trello, Asana

Remote Ready

I’ve worked in and led product teams of all sorts asynchronously and partially remote. 

Basing performance on outcomes and not time spent on the computer.

Drop me a message


Social Media everywhere: @lespinalrivera
Happy to grab a coffee if you are around the Metro Vancouver area in British Columbia